What is

Life Coaching?

I am sure you have heard of coaching either in the form of life coaching, executive / business coaching, youth coaching, sports performance coaching etc and yet not exactly sure what it entails and what power it would hold in your life?

Have you ever put any time into your own personal excellence? Striving to explore and improve on the areas of your life that you know would serve your greater vision and goal.

Coaching is about developing who we are as a person to achieve our highest potential. If you are honest with yourself you know and have tried many times to shift certain behaviours and yet end up reverting back to our old ways.

Life is not here to be lived in isolation.

We are social beings and therefore need the support of others to achieve our biggest shifts. Coaching allows for a safe space to explore our thoughts, feelings, decisions, goal setting along with many more areas. Most times our sabotaging behaviours and beliefs are not conscious to us, thereby we miss them.

I hold for me, coaching is empowering. my clients as being resourceful, where they find their own solutions through observation, listening and hearing what they say and don’t say, body language, assisting them to find clarity through questioning and holding them accountable for their choices. We let ourselves off when it comes to the biggest shifts we want to make.

Life takes Coaching “No one tells you – Life is suffering! how do you embrace the learnings in the suffering to truly live”

We focus on moving forward in life, providing a space where we can explore the noise pollution and unsaid thoughts in our heads, providing a clear mind to stay focused on our biggest goals and dreams.

Our passion for peak performance is your path to personal excellence! –