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A coaching program unique to you to help you gain clarity and confidence in your life so you can have it all.

Are you fully Empowered in your own life?

We are expected to just be able to cope in life. School teaches us how to read, write, Maths, how to speak English, maybe another language, science etc but when have we been taught how to be in life? How to cope with the harsh life experiences, learning techniques, how to manage stress, how to communicate? We are taught how to DO e.g.  our career.

It seems to me that our education system has missed one of the most fundamental important learning areas that we, as human beings need the greatest support in;

  • How to BE in this world that has harsh lessons, leaving a lasting negative impact that we are unable to change. The question we never seem to ask is


  • We are taught how to DO – become an teacher, a mechanic, accountant etc.

We end up living life, DOing and identifying ourselves with what we DO.

We DO then we can HAVE what we want, so we DO more to have more. What happens if you can’t DO what you thought you should or wanted to DO? What happens if you can’t play professional rugby, or become that attorney? What then?  How many years does it then take to recreate what I want to DO?

We identify ourselves with our DOings, resulting in emotional attachments to our actions and DOings.

When we make a mistake or do not achieve a desired result, we end up emotionally and mentally destroying ourself because of these. Are these negative mental or emotional reactions serving or destroying us?

I would like to offer another suggestion. If we are fundamentally taught how to BE – “WHO AM I?” and we find the power and importance of who we truly are, without our career, money etc, then we are driven, both consciously and subconsciously by our core BEing.

This then creates a space for us to be very clear of what our vision is for our life. From this we feel safe creating the opportunity to DO from our internal CORE beliefs.

This then results in actions we take towards our greater vision, making it easier to emotionally and mentally deal with the times when we find ourselves making mistakes of not achieving our goals.

“I then become a Visionary, by knowing WHO I AM."

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